Hotpoint cooker Reviews

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Jan 262016

Looking for that ideal cooker that will meet all your needs – or at least most, here is introducing the Hotpoint HUI62TP hotpoint free standing cooker. This cooker comes with a four zone induction hob and two ovens. The main oven features catalytic linings which makes cleaning easier. It also comes with touch controls and a lot of wonderful programs. You want to find out about this product and what it is like when it comes to basic cooking? Let’s go ahead and find out.



When it comes to simmering, this product is a preferred choice. It also offers a degree of accuracy and is easy when it comes to cleaning.


When it comes to distributing heat across the oven evenly, this product is really poor.

This is one cooker that comes with a hob that is excellent at simmering and easily gets liquid heated up, however, when it comes to frying – poor. Other than taking too much time to heat up your foods, it is considered accurate in other areas. This is one product that is worth the buy.

What do I get with product?

This freestanding cooker features two electric ovens, plus a four cooking zone induction hob. It comes in different colors (I think it’s majorly white and black), so you can go for whatever colors suits your fancy, however we preferred to get the white one. It is 60com wide, which is a standard width for any freestanding cooker. The main oven features a catalytic lining on its back and side and a fan too. On the other hand, the smaller top oven features that grill pan and element.

What is great about it?

We have tested a lot of induction hobs, but this one stands out amongst them all -its simmering is excellent. This means that you don’t need to worry about finding brown bits at the bottom of your dishes, especially delicate ones like rice pudding. Another thing this product is great at is in its heating functions. It is really quick at heating and in just say, five minutes; it can raise the temperature of the pan to 90oC from 15oC. This is so great compared to other hobs that I have come across that you have to wait for more than twice this time for it to heat up the same content.

One thing that is guaranteed about this cooker is it temperature. Whatever temperature is set on the dial is that same inside the oven. Even if it drifts, it will be about a few degrees off.

One thing we discovered is that it distributes heat evenly across the oven, and this has made our cake always rise well. When it comes to cleaning, it is so easy. It has enough room to accommodate a whole range of items inside it – whether on the top or main oven.

What you should watch out for

 One of the problems that is usually encountered with this hob its frying. The heat distribution across the pan is very poor and varies a lot. This goes on to mean that in order to ensure that your food is evenly browned you will have to keep moving it around a bit.

What else is there to know?

It takes as much as 12 minutes for this cooker to reach 180oC and this means that you will have to wait for a very long time for the oven to heat up. The grill is nothing to write home about, covering just a part of the grill pan.

The good thing to know is that Hotpoint spares and parts are readily available

It is worth the buy?

Other than the mentioned down points with the cover, it works really good. Plus it is a little pricey.

Hotpoint HAG60K


The Hotpoint HAG60K is another cooker one would want to consider. It comes with two ovens. It also comes with a catalytic lining that is to assist you in cleaning and a wonderful hob for your frying. One thing you get with this cooker is a reliable main oven and grill below is a full review of the product.


It is great at simmering without


This is one ideal hob when it comes to frying and also simmering. However, you should not think of relying on the main as it does not stay fixed to the temperature it is usually set.

What is in it?

This product is made up of two ovens and four burners making up the hob. The smaller top oven is where the grill is found, while main oven which is larger houses the gas oven. It features catalytic lining on its sides (and this helps in effective cleaning) and is fan assisted. It comes in variety of colors, but for us we got a black one – you can go for white if that’s your color.

What is it great at?

I have come across a lot of hobs and one thing I have found is that this is works better than them all when it comes to distributing heat across the pan. As a result, any time you are doing some frying, you don’t need too much of moving around in order to get your food evenly browned.

This is one cooker that is easy to use and offers excellent simmering too.

One thing I also like about it is that, its main oven is spacious enough to accommodate a lot of things like a good sized turkeys and a tray of roasted potatoes. For any overspill, you can make use of the top oven.

What to watch out for

One of the complaints associated with this product is the inaccuracy of its main oven to stick closely to whatever temperature it is set at. This inaccuracy can cause you a lot, like your food being undercooked. It is that bad – like when you set it at 80oC, it can actually be functioning for 137oC. This will mean you putting your food in for long hours than usual.

What else you need to know

This cooker’s oven takes about 9minutes to get to 180oC, and its hob also takes dame amount of time to get a pan full of water heated up to room temperature to its boiling temperature. Its performance is on an average level.

According to our experience with a sponge cake, it was well baked, although it was not that great.

It has catalytic linings on the side wall and this means that your food will be burnt each the oven is used at anything over 220oC. When this happens, you just sweep out the ash.

Is it worth the buy?

We may not whole heartedly recommend this product. This is because, other than its grill and hob which are reasonably good, the oven temperature is really poor. This is really difficult to recommend.

The Hotpoint HUG52P


The Hotpoint HUG52P freestanding gas cooker is suitable for a kitchen that does not have much space as it is just 0.5m wide. It comes with two gas ovens and four-burner gas zones. The gas zones or hob is splendid when using it to cook your delicate meals, but how well will the oven roast your Sunday dishes? We put it under close observation to find out.


Comes with double oven space, stay clean lining interior, convenient to use and quickly heats up.


An Ineffective grill and inaccurate heating in the oven.

What is it?

This is a 0.5m wide cooker hence it is not as spacious as the larger models. You can conveniently fit in a full roast chicken plus a tray of potatoes but it would be difficult to put something as large as a Christmas turkey roast.

What is it great at?

It is very easy to use and is quick in heating up. However you should not forget that the cooker comes with some noticeable problems

Is there anything i should watch out for?

The grill is not efficient enough to distribute amount of heat to the grill pan. The white bread we used in our test only got brown in two oval shapes leaving the remaining part untouched by the heat.

Is there anything else I should know?

The ovens are easily cleaned and maintained because of the presence of the catalytic stay-clean lining interiors

It is worth the buy?

No- It is unable to heat efficiently and also set consistent temperature, plus the poor grill performance make the Hotpoint cooker difficult to cook with.

Belling FSE60DOP Cooker Review

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Jan 262016

The Belling FSE60DOP is an independent cooker that comes with a double oven space, a grill that rests on its top oven and a four-ring hob. The cooker is very affordable and easy to purchase especially since it comes with two oven compartment. We put this kitchen gadget under close examination to see if it is a valuable buy.



l Simmers very well.

l The grill works efficiently.


l Heat concentrates on a small portion of the pan’s bottom, preventing uneven spread of heat resulting in inconsistent cooking of bulk meals.

l The main oven heats up quickly and the grill in the smaller oven works well, although the heat does not even out.

l The hob which does not fry well, simmers perfectly.

What is the Bell FSE60DOP?

The Belling FSE60DOP which is made of ceramic is a freestanding cooker that would take 0.6m space of your kitchen which makes it highly beneficial as you do not have to worry about not having enough kitchen space for it. It has two ovens; the larger of the ovens comes with a fan and the smaller oven is also a grill chamber. It comes in a white, silver and a black. We tested the cooker in black.

Benefits of this Belling Cooker

Because the heat in the hob is not strong enough at the lowest settings, the hob is very suitable for simmering, letting you heat your favorite meals without being concerned that they would get overcooked.

The grill is more convenient as it is wide enough to allow convenient cooking, covering three quarters of the pan below. You would not have to worry about moving your food around much to get it evenly brown.

The oven heats up fast, reaching 80 degree celsius in 7 minutes. The cake we made in it rose well.

The model is easy to use and not difficult to clean and maintain, and it is wide enough to take a moderate-size roast. The main oven is also large enough to fit in a tray of vegetable on the top shelf.

What you should watch out for?


The oven temperature is temperamental and might swerve from the set temperature by 14 degrees.

When heating your meal, the heat does not evenly spread out across the pan’s under. You might have to stir the meal more frequently to avoid it from getting burnt before it’s ready.

You also should know:

A pan of water, 1.5 litre, on the hob would take an average of 8 and half minutes to get heated from room temperature to under boiling point.

The short bread we made in the main oven came out well (although they were not evenly brown) because the heat spreads moderately well.

The Belling brand is not a reliable brand when it comes to independent cookers as it scored two stars in our recent reliability survey.

Should you buy it?

The Belling freestanding cooker is very affordable but both the hob and the oven are not efficient in important areas. We do not think it is worth purchasing, especially as it did not score well in our reliability survey.

Belling FSEC50FDO Cooker Review

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Jan 262016

British manufacturer, Belling has designed this independent cooker so that it comes with two ovens, four-zone ceramic hob and a grill. The FSEC50FDO comes with a 50cm width, unlike most other freestanding cooker so that if you do not have so much floor space in your kitchen, you need not worry about fitting it into your kitchen space but does it have enough space to do a full roast on a turkey with all trimmings? Find out as we do a full product review on the cooker, with everything you need to know.



Heats up quickly; sleek.


Unreliable temperature, inconsistent heat spread, not spacious enough, uneven grilling.

The hob is the best part of this cooker because it is efficient in boiling and simmering. It is also easily controlled. The fan oven is, however, impressive as it heats up rather quickly without consistently spreading the heat over the food being prepared, and hardly reaches the right temperatures. The top oven is only large enough to be used for grilling which is not efficient as the bread we used in the roast test came out half done.

What is it?

The Belling FSEC50FDO is a freestanding cooker with a main oven that has a fan, a smaller oven that can also be used for grilling and a four-zone hob. This is slimmer than most cookers which gives you the benefit of being able to secure space for it easily. It comes in elegant colors-black, white and steel.

What is it great at?

The hob heats up quickly so you would not have to wait for a long time to boil a pan of water. The controls are pretty easy to manipulate which means you can easily simmer a delicate meal without being worried that it would get burnt before it gets done.

The main oven quickly preheats; taking less than 5 minutes to get to 150 degree celsius and reaches 180 degree celsius in just under 6 minutes.

Is there anything I should watch for?

Although Belling claims heat is consistently distributed in the fan oven, we found obvious difference in the long strips of shortbread that we cooked on different shelves when we assessed the level of browning, so you would not find it easy to perfectly cook biscuits or cakes in batches.

We used different observing techniques to measure the exact level of heat throughout the oven to check if it tallied with the temperature level set on the heat control. We, however, found that the oven was 150 degrees hotter than it should be, your food might get burnt when using the oven.

Is there anything else I should know?


Even though we have seen some poor performance grill in the past, this one happens t be the worst we have seen. The grill only heats far less than 50% of the pan underneath it so you would have to keep turning anything you are cooking to make sure the heat is evenly distributed.

The cooker is slimmer than most other cookers; hence the oven is not as spacious. The main oven which is the larger of the two ovens it comes with could not contain a large turkey when we tried to fit it in. There is a smaller tray in the shelf above.

You would maybe use the smaller top oven for only grilling as one cannot fit in a full chicken in it.

Should I buy it?

No do not, as there are more efficient cookers that offer value for your money.