Jan 262016

British manufacturer, Belling has designed this independent cooker so that it comes with two ovens, four-zone ceramic hob and a grill. The FSEC50FDO comes with a 50cm width, unlike most other freestanding cooker so that if you do not have so much floor space in your kitchen, you need not worry about fitting it into your kitchen space but does it have enough space to do a full roast on a turkey with all trimmings? Find out as we do a full product review on the cooker, with everything you need to know.



Heats up quickly; sleek.


Unreliable temperature, inconsistent heat spread, not spacious enough, uneven grilling.

The hob is the best part of this cooker because it is efficient in boiling and simmering. It is also easily controlled. The fan oven is, however, impressive as it heats up rather quickly without consistently spreading the heat over the food being prepared, and hardly reaches the right temperatures. The top oven is only large enough to be used for grilling which is not efficient as the bread we used in the roast test came out half done.

What is it?

The Belling FSEC50FDO is a freestanding cooker with a main oven that has a fan, a smaller oven that can also be used for grilling and a four-zone hob. This is slimmer than most cookers which gives you the benefit of being able to secure space for it easily. It comes in elegant colors-black, white and steel.

What is it great at?

The hob heats up quickly so you would not have to wait for a long time to boil a pan of water. The controls are pretty easy to manipulate which means you can easily simmer a delicate meal without being worried that it would get burnt before it gets done.

The main oven quickly preheats; taking less than 5 minutes to get to 150 degree celsius and reaches 180 degree celsius in just under 6 minutes.

Is there anything I should watch for?

Although Belling claims heat is consistently distributed in the fan oven, we found obvious difference in the long strips of shortbread that we cooked on different shelves when we assessed the level of browning, so you would not find it easy to perfectly cook biscuits or cakes in batches.

We used different observing techniques to measure the exact level of heat throughout the oven to check if it tallied with the temperature level set on the heat control. We, however, found that the oven was 150 degrees hotter than it should be, your food might get burnt when using the oven.

Is there anything else I should know?


Even though we have seen some poor performance grill in the past, this one happens t be the worst we have seen. The grill only heats far less than 50% of the pan underneath it so you would have to keep turning anything you are cooking to make sure the heat is evenly distributed.

The cooker is slimmer than most other cookers; hence the oven is not as spacious. The main oven which is the larger of the two ovens it comes with could not contain a large turkey when we tried to fit it in. There is a smaller tray in the shelf above.

You would maybe use the smaller top oven for only grilling as one cannot fit in a full chicken in it.

Should I buy it?

No do not, as there are more efficient cookers that offer value for your money.

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