Jan 262016

The Belling FSE60DOP is an independent cooker that comes with a double oven space, a grill that rests on its top oven and a four-ring hob. The cooker is very affordable and easy to purchase especially since it comes with two oven compartment. We put this kitchen gadget under close examination to see if it is a valuable buy.



l Simmers very well.

l The grill works efficiently.


l Heat concentrates on a small portion of the pan’s bottom, preventing uneven spread of heat resulting in inconsistent cooking of bulk meals.

l The main oven heats up quickly and the grill in the smaller oven works well, although the heat does not even out.

l The hob which does not fry well, simmers perfectly.

What is the Bell FSE60DOP?

The Belling FSE60DOP which is made of ceramic is a freestanding cooker that would take 0.6m space of your kitchen which makes it highly beneficial as you do not have to worry about not having enough kitchen space for it. It has two ovens; the larger of the ovens comes with a fan and the smaller oven is also a grill chamber. It comes in a white, silver and a black. We tested the cooker in black.

Benefits of this Belling Cooker

Because the heat in the hob is not strong enough at the lowest settings, the hob is very suitable for simmering, letting you heat your favorite meals without being concerned that they would get overcooked.

The grill is more convenient as it is wide enough to allow convenient cooking, covering three quarters of the pan below. You would not have to worry about moving your food around much to get it evenly brown.

The oven heats up fast, reaching 80 degree celsius in 7 minutes. The cake we made in it rose well.

The model is easy to use and not difficult to clean and maintain, and it is wide enough to take a moderate-size roast. The main oven is also large enough to fit in a tray of vegetable on the top shelf.

What you should watch out for?


The oven temperature is temperamental and might swerve from the set temperature by 14 degrees.

When heating your meal, the heat does not evenly spread out across the pan’s under. You might have to stir the meal more frequently to avoid it from getting burnt before it’s ready.

You also should know:

A pan of water, 1.5 litre, on the hob would take an average of 8 and half minutes to get heated from room temperature to under boiling point.

The short bread we made in the main oven came out well (although they were not evenly brown) because the heat spreads moderately well.

The Belling brand is not a reliable brand when it comes to independent cookers as it scored two stars in our recent reliability survey.

Should you buy it?

The Belling freestanding cooker is very affordable but both the hob and the oven are not efficient in important areas. We do not think it is worth purchasing, especially as it did not score well in our reliability survey.

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